Thursday, December 11, 2008

Art in all its forms


Last Sunday Sachiko and I enjoyed visiting the ICB for the semi-annual Artists Open Studio. There is a real variety of art forms and an opportunity to purchase, whether big or small items. Holiday gifts came out with me allowing me to tick off some more of my list, including one from Craig Kolb. Since the event was so close to Fish, we had to stop by for lunch after having our eyes filled with color and light. And be where the view and food continued our art appreciation.


Sachiko enjoyed one of the specials from the chalkboard, Moroccan Grilled Hamachi with home made Harissa and cous cous salad. She gave me a taste and it was great, with a fresh sprinkle of pomegranite seeds as a colorful surprise.

Clams with Pasta

I had an old favorite from the regular menu, clams and pasta. The linguine is house made and there are plentiful clams tenderly steamed with fresh parsley and other soothing flavors. Fish is a favorite of locals and tourists in the know.

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