Monday, December 15, 2008

Korean Comfort Food

My Tofu House

Sachiko and I find ourselves having cravings for the simple yet delicious comfort food at My Tofu House on Geary in San Francisco. This is authentic Korean Food. In fact, if you go to the website, you'll see it is predominantly written in Korean. We found ourselves here one night last week.

Kimchi assortment or banchan

After steaming hot tea is served in clear plastic glasses, banchan, or kimchee appetizers are brought out. The raw egg in its shell in the upper right of the photo is an ingredient in Sachiko's dish. The banchan were tasty, and many of the dishes rather spicy.

Traditionally cooked rice

Following next was a large traditional stone pot of rice. Although it helped with the heat of the banchan, I went sparingly on this because I knew my dish had a bed of rice as its base.

Kimchee soft tofu

Sachiko ordered a simple Kimchee Tofu Soup. The egg is broken in while its bubbling hot so it cooks with the broth. This is one of her simple favorites.

Tofu Bibimbap

I ordered a Tofu and Vegetables Bibimbap. It was so colorful and had a variety of vegetables colorfully arranged around the stone pot atop the rice. Topping the vegetables was again, a raw egg which cooked into the rice when I stirred it, and grilled tofu with a spicy red sauce and leaves of seaweed. A hot, filling and antioxidant packed meal! It's always too much to finish and so hot that you have to take it slowly. This place always has a waiting line and I rarely see non-Asians among the guests.

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