Saturday, December 06, 2008

In season


I so love 'mikan' or Mandarin oranges, and have to tote some home as soon as I see these are in season. These take me back to being 17 in Mie Prefecture in Japan practicing with the Mie University Brass Band for a concert in the largest classical music venue in Osaka at that time. I played clarinet. We were in a student type guest house near the top of a mountain and the food was marginal (the Japanese students had trouble eating it as well), but the company good. These were in season then, and I practically lived on them all that week. They are sweet and easy to peel. My host family in Hiroshima also took my friends and I on a picnic and mikan picking on a little island not to far from Miyajima. For a young woman from the Seattle area, where apples, not citrus grows it was a unique and fun experience. You don't really 'pick' them, but cut the stem. However you find them, they are good and good for you.

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