Saturday, October 27, 2007

Willie's Cafe

Bringing more sun in.
I stopped by Willie's Cafe the other day for lunch, and found them in the midst of a reconstruction project. They are remodeling their deck area to be more enclosed, with sliding windows which will open up in the sunny weather, and can be closed and the spaced warmed more effectively for those colder days. That's the area I chose to eat in, and it was light and bright and I'm sure this place will be even more packed on weekends for a sunny breakfast. Willie's serves breakfast every day.

Beef & Barley Soup

And I was here for lunch, and started with the beef and barley soup, which sounded irresistable from the description that the waitress gave. It was good, and it was a big 'cup'!

Salmon BLT

Next I enjoyed one of their daily specials, the Salmon BLT. This was a really well-put together sandwich., The bacon was extra flavorful, and the salmon tasted fresh and made a nice contrast with the bacon. There are also a lot of Mexican choices on the menu. This is definitely a good place to keep in mind for a casual lunch, or generous breakfast.

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