Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sapporo Ya

Another Japantown treat. I know Sapporo-Ya in San Francisco's Japantown as a good place to have some handmade ramen. (See my April 2006 post mentioning it too.) In the right hand corner of the store, in front of the window, if you come early enough you can see a gentleman making it! I saw him bring in a crate of ramen he'd finished while I was there. Since I'm avoiding big batches of carbs, I thought I would try another of their menu items for lunch.

Miso, Tsukemono and Tempura sauce

When you don't order the ramen, you get to try their miso soup, and the tsukemono (pickles) of cabbage and carrots, and tempura dipping sauce came at the same time.

Sashimi Lunch

I tried their Sashimi Lunch, which is a combination of fresh tuna, tempura and accompanied also by green salad and a cold ramen noodle salad treat. The fresh maguro (tuna) was placed over a large mound of daikon radish. The radish is so fresh, crisp and healthy that I was quite delighted that they served it generously. The salad dressing, a kind of soy ginger mix was also nice. All in all a good variety with pleasant service. It's a nice spot to try if you are in Japantown, and especially if you like ramen.

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