Thursday, October 18, 2007

Deluxe Vegetables

I've been hesitant to attempt this one.
Chinese restaurants in Marin - I think it is common knowledge is that there are more Chinese restaurants anywhere on the globe than other kinds of non-local ones. The delicious photo above is from a lunch at Tommy's Wok in Sausalito. I found that this is an cuisine that could use a thorough review in Marin since so many of the places I located have neither a website or review to reference here. If I waited to review all of them, it would be a long time before I could make this post, so here it is, and look forward to updates on this.

Please let me know what I've missed!

Chinese restaurants I've tried

Hunan First

CJ Chinese Cuisine

CJ Chinese Cuisine

Mill Valley
Fishman Village
Lily Kai
May Lee's
Peking Wok

China Palace

China Palace
Jenny Low's
Panda's Cafe

San Anselmo
May Lee's Asian Bistro
Ming Garden

Pier 6

San Rafael
China Dynasty Restaurant
Eric's Tsing Tao
Peking Wok
Pier 6
Szechwan 7 Chinese Restaurant
Three Dragons Restaurant
Yu Shang

Tommy's Wok

Feng Nian
Panda Express
Tommy's Wok

Chinese restaurants yet to try

China Village
Szechuan Chef

Kin Wah Restaurant

The Canton Restaurant

Mill Valley
Chinese Deli

Bamboo Chopsticks
China Express
China House
China Village
Fuzhou Super Buffet
Happy Garden
Royal Mandarin
Shanghai Garden Restaurant

San Anselmo
Hot Wok

San Rafael

China Villa
Chopsticks Chinese Cuisine
Combo King Restaurant
House of Lee
La China Restaurant
Little Mandarin
Ping's Mandarin Restaurant
Yet Wah



Syrrah said...

You haven't been to Yet Wah before?! Oh you have to try it! SOOOO good!

muffintop said...

I have to remind you again of King of the Roll in Terra Linda (though the sign that faces Freitas Pkwy. says "King of the Road," ???).
It's obviously a little bit Japanese (sushi), but the Chinese dishes I've tried are really good. In my neighborhood! So lucky. Great chow mein and hot & sour soup.
You have taken on a mighty duty.

Anna Haight said...

Hi Syrrah -- I have been there, and agree it's good, it's just been a couple years and I didn't blog it. It's tops on my list to visit soon.

Hi Muffintop - I guess I thought that KotR was just Japanese, missed the Chinese component. Sounds like the good Chinese portion balances out the bad Japanese part... I'll have to check it out!