Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lily Kai

In your face taste.
Nothing subtle about Lily Kai in Mill Valley. It has the standard top 50 all time American Chinese favorites with American style large portions.

Beef with Mixed Vegetables

Dad wanted some Beef with Mixed Vegetables. The beef was very tender, with a large amount of beef compared to the vegetables. It was cooked in a not hot, but intensely flavored sauce. We took a lot home.

Lemon Prawns and Scallops

I thought some seafood would be nice, so I tried one of the items listed in their specialties, Lemon Prawns & Scallops. It was predictable with bright yellow sauce. I wouldn't go out of my way to order it again, but it was fine.

Chicken Fried Rice

We tried their Chicken Fried Rice as well. More oil that I like, and quite a lot of seasoning sauce that overpowered the other flavors. This is a true hole-in-the-wall, rather run-down place, but very popular for take-out as we observed a constant stream of customers coming to pick up.

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cookiecrumb said...

Boy, you nailed that place with a perfect description. I've never eaten "in" there, only takeout. Did you ever notice the size of their pot stickers? Like softballs!