Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Need some zzzzs. Dad had some memory issues at the end of day, then struck off on his own to come home, rather than waiting for his arranged ride from the library. After some searching, I called on our Mill Valley Police for some help, who found Dad and returned him no worse for the two hour 'adventure'. Needless to say, I'm more tired than usual, so will get back to food blogging tomorrow.


Cindy said...

Oh, so sorry to hear that. You must have been so worried!

Do they make on-star for people, like you can put a bracelet on them and locate them? Maybe I should patent this!

Hope everything's better today. Your dad sure sounds like a trooper.

Anna Haight said...

Thanks Cindy. I was worried, but I had a gut instinct that he was ok, just not aware. You should patent that idea! I thought I had it handled with giving Dad a "Jitterbug", a phone that is specially made for seniors, but he left it at home! Things are fine today, Dad forgot all about it by the end of dinner last night! I was just exhausted.

cookiecrumb said...

Poor you. Good daughter.