Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Worth troubling yourself to find. At Jerrie's recommendation, I sought out Jason's when I was in the neighborhood. I circled about several times trying to nail this elusive location. It is in an improbable spot mixed amongst industrial buildings and car repair shops. But you CAN find it, if you persist!

Hawaiian Poke

This place obviously is a labor of love by someone who loves food and a good atmosphere. There is a very nice flow and decorations. This ruby-jewel-like Hawaiian Poke was absolutely as good as it looks, floated on a bed of crispy seasoned cucumbers. I could go back just for this! This dish has nice flavors, and a bit of a green seasoning which elevates the sensation of uniqueness in the dish.

Granny Smith Green Salad

The Granny Smith salad was no slouching dish either. Beautiful greens, curls of crunchy bacon, crisp Granny Smith apples and luscious raspberries made this salad a work of art that was a pleasure for both the eye and palate. Definitely recommendable!

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Elle said...

Anna, Jason's lloks like a great place, but no address. Where is it?
I'm hoping to meet an old friend in Marin in a week or two and this might be just the place.