Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grilled Pork Chop and Salad

Grilling in the waning light.
I picked up something simple the other night, some boneless pork chops and knew I had some fresh greens and ripe avocado for a salad. I also hadn't made one of my favorite sauces for pork in awhile, a roasted red pepper sauce.

Blooming basil

As I grilled the light slowly dimmed, and my flash went off as I snapped this and sat and watched the pot of basil bloom. Slow life in the fast lane. The basil has been an amazing bargain, not only has it provided continually fresh basil since July, it has had quite the entertainment value!

Plated dinner

Ah, dinner comes closer for tasting at last. The roasted red pepper sauce is very simple. Just take a jar of roasted red peppers, drain most of the oil off, throw it in the blender, add as much dried red chili pepper as you like, blend and put in your sauce boat to serve table side.

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Peter M said...

Anna, I've never thought to have roasted red pepper with pork chops...I think I'll try it, thanks!