Friday, October 12, 2007

Bombay Garden

Choices, choices. A buffet fit for a Maharajah with plentiful choices in a clean and decorative setting and a reasonable price, it's hard not to come to the Bombay Garden frequently for lunch. I've mentioned the Bombay Garden before in August 2005, and I thought another time but can't locate the post. The furniture is ornate, yet tasteful and the mustard colored walls are quite cheerful. And if that wasn't enough, there are wide screen HiDef TV screens mounted on the wall with cheerful and beautiful Bollywood singing and dancing, and a quick fresh and hot basket of naan delivered to your table.

Choices from the buffet lunch

With all the fresh and delicious food, it's hard not to go overboard, but it's easy to find healthy choices as well. This food is all made fresh on site, even the cheese in the saag paneer, and the mango ice cream. I always keep my eye out for the 'yellow stickies', which indicate a special dish that day. I've often found some new delight that way as these are some of the more obscure or regional dishes.

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