Monday, November 13, 2006

Wet lunch. Dad and I tried Feng Nian's lunch special today. As you can see, it was a dash for the door with all the rain in north Sausalito. Feng Nian's staff is welcoming and looks out for what added things you may enjoy. For example, when my father requested the steamed vegetables and tofu lunch, they graciously asked if he'd like some sauce to spark up the taste a bit.

Dad really enjoyed it with the sauce, feeling he'd made an extra healthy choice - and he did. We both enjoyed the hot and sour soup that was served with the lunch special, and the spring roll was noticeably fresh and crisp.

I ordered beef and broccoli and substituted chicken fried rice for steamed for an extra $2.50. What I found was not only was the rice fried, they increased the volume. It was hot and cooked just right. It looked so attractive that the gentleman who sat at the next tables pointed at it and said he'd like exactly the same.

Feng Nian is a bit upscale, so if you are looking for a superior Chinese dining experience, this is a good place to try. The ceilings are high and there is an expansive feeling. The artwork is tasteful, and it is CLEAN. They also do a nice tea service using iron pots, and choice of tea. We chose Jasmine. The tea does cost $3.95 for the pot. When you are used to 'free' tea, it comes as a bit of a surprise, but the tea is such high quality, if you are a tea connoisseur you won't mind.

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Zoomie said...

Anna, they will give you free tea if you ask - they just have some "gourmet" teas that they charge for. I love the iron pots, too.