Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thai it tis or Thai-itis. Had a beautiful day in Sonoma, enjoying first the Soroptimist's annual Fashion Show at the Sonoma Mission Inn (Lights! Cameras! Action!) with Linda, Yalda & Julie. I must admit Fashion Shows aren't my thing, but this fundraiser was pure fun and what a fabulous and entertaining show. The event was attended by 99.9% females, and what-do-ya-know? the three male models got the most riotous applause every time they appeared. The Sonoma Mission Inn did a beautiful job of service and tasty food for over 200 women under a big, white tent.

Later, I ventured over to Dad's house to help him with a few things, then enjoy dinner. When asked which kind of cuisine he would like, Dad immediately answered "Thai", so we visited Rin's Thai just off Sonoma Plaza, and enjoyed a wonderful meal. Rin's Thai is consistently excellent, and have friendly staff. We started immediately with their tasty potstickers. Both vegetarian and pork versions are available, and the nice surprise of these are the 'crunch' provided by inclusion of jicima.

Dad remembered the Charbroiled vegetables with lemon-garlic dipping sauce and made a request of these as well. Piping hot with a nice grilled taste, this treat appeared next on our table.

We also enjoyed a plate of Gingered Chicken, which had plenty of fresh ginger included in long thin slices. Delicious!

Besides the white rice which came without requesting, we also had Thai Beef Fried Rice, which was also at the right temperature and seasoned well with bits of refreshing green onion mixed in at the last moment.

Rin's Thai is also reasonably priced and clean. No wonder my Dad requests it often, and I don't mind going again even though I've had quite a bit of Thai lately.

The evening ended with a drive around the Plaza -- there was a Mexican mariachi band playing on the deck of the historic Vallejo's Barraks which drifted all the way to where we were parked on the opposite of the Plaza, and we just had to find the source! The harvest moon was full, the sunset gorgeous with lots of pinks and shades of blue, and the air was a nice fall crisp. It was a wonderful fall drive both to and from Sonoma today.

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