Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hidden breakfast spot. The Shoreline Coffee Shop, tucked away nearly hidden behind Video Droid in Mill Valley is a colorful local place for breakfast. It has a very worn look, but retains brightly colored benches and artwork inside. A little kitschsy, but warm greetings and attentive staff inside. Since I'd never been to a coffee shop that advertised itself as Mexican-American, it seemed a good idea to order one of the south-of-the-border breakfast offerings. Huevos a la Mexicana looked interesting. That order included a colorful basket of corn tortillas, jalapeno and onion pickles, fresh Serrano chilies, and a homemade hot sauce, which I was warned is truly hot (yes, it was!). My eggs, honestly, could have been a bit better -- maybe that I ordered them well-done affected the outcome of the dish. The eggs were separated into little balls in between the other scramble ingredients, and there was definite oil slick on the plate afterwards. However, the other plates I saw heading past my table looked like they were cooked without excess oil.

This place absolutely isn't fancy, but it seemed to have quite a local following, and I'll go back sometime to confirm that the American breakfasts are as good as they looked.

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