Saturday, November 11, 2006

This evening, on the way back from the Green Festival in San Francisco, I stopped at Nijiya Market to pick up some Kewpie mayonnaise. Of course, once I'm there other things 'leap' into my basket. One of the items that leaped was a couple obento boxes. Nijiya does a great job of prepared foods in their deli area, and since I love hijiki rice, this one had to come home. The items are clockwise from the rice, with links to recipes that are versions of what's in this box:

Hijiki Rice, this recipe adds chicken for more of a protein punch (more on hijiki)
Steamed/flavored vegetables - kabocha and carrots and Japanese Omelet slice
Tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce
Niimono [Nishime] (carrots, lotus root, konbu (kelp))

At $6.99 this was a delightfully cool find for a healthy dinner.

About the Green Festival, Jo-Ann and I found it fascinating in content, but there where overwhelming crowds which detracted from the experience. You couldn't move more than shuffles with people bumping into you every which-way. The festival definitely needed a bigger venue. The speakers we heard were speaking in a more 'rallying the troops' fashion that conveying information, and I was hoping for more practical information from the speakers. But there were 100 speakers lined up for the 3-day fest, and over 400 vendors. We obviously couldn't take it all in in one day.

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