Friday, November 03, 2006

Drizzly Sausalito. Couldn't help but take a snap of this soft harbor view at lunchtime in Sausalito. It was rainy and drizzly today with lots of fog. The foghorns were blaring too. With weather like this, if you are not wearing a bright red or yellow raincoat, you yearn for some pep and color... so time to try the Sausalito Taco Shop.

Just as expected, it was cheerful and full of bright colors. I started with the spicy bean dip with chips made on premises. The dip was good, and those who like home style thick crisp tortilla chips will love theirs. I like mine a little more teeth-friendly as these were really hard to bite.

My main was the marinated skirt steak taco in a flour tortilla. Their usual is fresh corn tortillas, but I have a preference for the flour, and this is accommodated on the menu.

Sausalito Taco Shop was inspired by someone's vacation to Cabo San Lucas, and as a traditional taco house, they do not make burritos. But the other usual things are there with a lot of flexibility in building the meal you desire. It was all quite tasty and good, and a place I'll revisit for lunch or perhaps a happy happy hour.

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