Saturday, November 18, 2006

Breakfast in Mill Valley. Mill Valley Coffee Shop is a local favorite which has no web presence and is tucked away on a corner not far from Whole Foods. It's always busy when I go, and it's a kid-friendly place. The interior is blue and white, and there are lacy-half curtains on each window - very old fashioned, even a little Belgian looking. The walls have various photos of Mill Valley, historic and more recent, like a surprising one of Mt. Tamalpais covered in snow. I thought it must be an old photo, but the waitress said it was from 2002, one just had to be awake before 11:30 that day. Well, I'm sure I was awake, but I must have been looking at my water view!

Dad enjoyed the plain Swiss cheese omelet, and he enjoyed every last particle, leaving a shining clean plate. That is a recommendation!

I enjoyed "Phil's Special", which was an Eggs Benedict type dish with a base of English muffins topped with ham, sauteed spinach and fresh slices of tomatoes under the poached eggs. Unlike my father, I couldn't finish mine, but then I had a much richer dish. At first, I was taken back by the vinegary taste of the Hollandaise sauce, but then realized that it paired perfectly with the spinach and fresh ripe tomato underneath. The color was more mustardy and less the creamy yellow that I'm used to, but whatever the chef added, it worked in this dish.

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