Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The sun shines again! After a hard rain yesterday, the sun came out as you can see in the slightly washed-out-from-the-sun photo above. I enjoyed lunch at The Cantina in Mill Valley, one of the town's favorite Mexican hang outs. The greeting was friendly as usual, and I was seated for lunch right away. Unfortunately, it was a bit TOO sunny for the patio which is a charming place to enjoy food and friends. I enjoyed one of my favorite dishes there, a chicken tostada sans the taco dressing. The lettuce was crispy and the fresh avocado it was topped with perfectly ripened and fresh. The chicken was stewed in tomato sauce and was tender and flavorful.

Daniel, the friend who was responsible for my entry into blogging, FINALLY got his own blog! It's to let his artistic (romantic) side out, and I'm sure it will be filled with out of the box things knowing the way he thinks originally.


cookiecrumb said...

No, Anna, it's NEVER too sunny on the patio at the Cantina. They've got sunblock for that!
My dog and I hang out there. We've made permanent butt dents in the outdoor seat cushions.
I'm so happy you like this dopey little place. Food's just like you described it: Fresh and filling.

Anna Haight said...

My 45SPF too often fails, but I do enjoy the patio as well, they've made a real effort to make it charming and relaxing. I love how cute your dog is; maybe I'll see you there some time.