Wednesday, September 12, 2007

China Dynasty Restaurant

Hidden bargain.
Dad and I happened upon China Dynasty Restaurant on 4th Street in San Rafael merely because I found a parking space right next to it, looked up, and there it was. There was a list, by predominant protein - including vegetarian, of lunch specials mostly for $4.95 including a choice of hot and sour or tomato egg flower soup, and there was even a choice of brown rice.

Tomato Egg Flower Soup

We wasted no time placing an order. We both enjoyed the Tomato Egg Flower Soup, which came with won tons to crinkle on top for the non-carb watching set. I had a bit of a sore throat and the homemade chicken broth was very soothing.

Beef & Tofu with Brown Rice

I tried the beef and tofu dish with brown rice. It was just the right temperature and very wholesome tasting.

Mango Chicken with Brown Rice

Dad tried a more 'expensive' choice, mango chicken at $5.25. He said it was fabulous and ate every bite. He was also pleased with his fortune!

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