Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sushi Gourmet

Like a Tokyo Sushi Bar.
Right here in Mill Valley. There is little but sushi and a few cold dishes here, just like a traditional Japanese sushi bar. It is Sushi Gourmet located in Strawberry Village, and although I have been here many times, it's been at least a couple years since I visited.

Miso Soup

I checked on the miso soup, it tasted so much like homemade dashi started the base (cooking from the fish up) and it was silky and complex, as a good miso soup should be. Yes indeed I was assured that this miso is made from scratch, starting with the fish stock.


I chose their chirashizushi as my lunch, sushi rice topped with seasoned vegetables and a beautiful assortment of the freshest fish. I enjoy ordering chirasizushi at sushi bars as it really shows the artistry of the sushi chefs, and is such a colorful dish. If you want sushi and sushi alone (with miso or edamame or perhaps a tofu salad) this place is a great choice. There aren't many special rolls, although there are a few. Sushi Gourmet makes sushi close to traditional style, so if you like the old standards, you won't be disappointed.

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