Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Of Local Interest. Getting back into the swing of things, there are a couple things of note in the county food universe I've noticed since returning.

Asqew Grill

One is a sign welcoming Asqew Grill to Strawberry Village in Mill Valley. Having enjoyed food at other locations (East Bay & San Francisco) I'm looking forward to its arrival with its nice choices of combinations, including a skewer over salad, which is friendly to the South Beach Diet.

Umi Sushi/Akira

The above sign certainly gave me a shock. It is in the window of Akira Sushi Bar! I sent a note to the owner, who also owns Sushi 69 to find out what the story is, but have not had a response to date. Since I walked by at a time that it would normally be closed, I'm not sure of the current status.


ebrown said...

I've really enjoyed reading your reviews and was interested in getting your opinion on my own project... I'm starting to import ceramics/pottery from Italy, Spain, and France and planning to open a shop/wine bar, where I'll serve and sell wine, cheese, olives, etc. from the same countries. Very Mediterranean-esque, low-key vibe, with an emphasis on trying new things and then taking them home for your next dinner party. Mill Valley is one of the places I'm looking to do this. I'm also thinking about some hot spots in the East Bay or San Francisco. I don't know Mill Valley all that well, but I love the small town charm of it and it seems like the right mix of clientele (well-traveled and appreciative of novelty items/cool new things).

Anyway, I'd love your take on it. Do you think Mill Valley needs a little wine bar/cool Mediterranean shop?

Anna Haight said...

Have you been to "The Spanish Table" in Mill Valley's Strawberry Village? Nice ceramics and things from Spain, cheerful place. First Crush was a nice wine bar that tried a branch in Mill Valley and it didn't work out. There are a lot of empty spaces now in Mill Valley, particularly along Miller Ave. If you had the right price break on the lease, and the right price point, more moderate than First Crush, but nice things like the new Boulangerie, a wine bar/shop would probably be successful in Mill Valley. Just my off the cuff opinion, and I've never run a restaurant/retail store business.