Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sushi to Dai For

On the move.
I stopped into Sushi to Dai For to have a quick lunch the other day, and inquired when they may be making the move down the street to their new and larger digs. I thought they were scheduled to already be there. I think I was right, because the waitress allowed a sad little puff of air to escape her lips and said "Well, we are just telling people within the next three months since there have been so many unexpected delays". Hopefully they will make it over soon, and I'll visit to update you on the new space.

Miso Soup

As always, before the main course arrived a fragrant, hot and tasty miso soup arrived. The waitress must have sensed I would eat Japanese style, as she didn't bring me one of those Chinese spoons that seemed to accompany most of the miso I saw her carrying about.

Salmon & Agedashi Tofu Bento

I ordered the special bento box of the day that had teriyaki salmon and agedashi tofu as the main ingredients. I even enjoyed the California roll, but was careful to avoid the white rice mound to be somewhat in keeping with my South Beach Diet. Not pictured is the warm dipping sauce for the agedashi tofu. The cucumber salad was crunchy and light, and the couple of steam carrots with a sesame topping were a nice treat too. The locals have loved this place for years, and I'm sure it will have great success in its new location as well.

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Ellen said...

Sushi to Dai for is one of my FAVORITE places to eat in Marin!!