Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pelican Inn

English fare in the countryside. It had been awhile since I'd been to the Pelican Inn. In fact, I had only been back a couple times (once for a nice brunch) since I reviewed it in July 2005.

Pelican Inn Greenhouse

And it's the first time that I enjoyed sitting in the greenhouse attached to the main Tudor-style building. How charming and peaceful on a temperature-perfect evening. I had come with Sachiko, who I'd tried to bring here before after wandering around West Marin one time. We were in good luck. Not only in getting such a pleasant place to sit, but that the food had much improved over my last visits!

Vegetable curry

Sachiko ordered some very-English-import vegetable curry. She was delighted with it, and had me try a spoonful too. What a nice melding of freshness with curry made mild with coconut milk.

Fish & Chips

I turned a blind eye to my diet, and went for the Fish & Chips. How English of them to serve it with fresh peas! The batter was perfectly fried, not overly greasy, encasing some tender white fish. I couldn't even finish the half of it, but it was nice to try.

English Trifle

Sachiko and I decided to try the lightest of desserts on the menu, the English Trifle. She exclaimed upon seeing it that she hadn't seen sprinkles in such a long time! Neither had I, and we enjoyed the light, fruity concoction as the sun was sinking. A lovely end to a lovely day.

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taste memory said...

I love that place. I'm glad to hear the food is better too! I haven't been back in years. After spending time at the pelican inn we would cross the road and walk through a thicket of trees towards the that still there?