Thursday, September 27, 2007

Celia's Mexican Restaurant, Lafayette

Look Familiar?
It's related (or not) to the Celia's in San Rafael that I reviewed in April. When I looked up the website at that time, Lafayette was listed, but not San Rafael, now it's the opposite... are they related or not? At any rate, the host was SO accommodating to my rush schedule, getting me a table in a jiffy rather than having the 15 minute wait he first mentioned. As if on cue, the waitress was promptly there, and my meal was in front of me practically before I could blink!

Avocado Tostada w/Chicken

This looks a little funny as it is rather overweighted by the whole beans. I ordered no rice, so they obviously gave me extra beans. The beans were good, however the avocado chicken tostada was fresh and wonderful. The space was light and airy as well.

I was in Lafayette for a seminar at the Health Medicine Forum with Dr. Beverly Rubik, on the Frontiers of Holistic Health Testing. I was happy to find my arterial flexibility put my biological age at 7 years younger than I am. If you are interested in holistic health or energy medicine I would recommend any of her seminars; and the other speakers who I have heard present there are interesting too.

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