Monday, September 03, 2007

Princess Dawn in Victoria

Victoria and home to San Francisco. This is the last post on the Alaskan cruise, and then we'll be back to normal Marin food blogging. Our last port of call was actually not in Alaska, but Victoria, B.C. Ladies and gents in costume greeted us at the docks with maps and a friendly greeting.

Horse Drawn Trolley

We left the dock on a horse drawn trolley ride.

Empress Hotel

We soon passed the Empress Hotel. I've enjoyed high tea any number of times there since Seattle was close enough to make Victoria a frequent destination while I was living there.

Historic House

We were shown a lot of old, but beautiful houses in the historic district. This one is the Emily Carr House, the home of a famous and eccentric artist.

World's Larges Watering Can - Victoria

We went through Beacon Hill Park, and understood that the Victorians are quite proud of the newest addition to the park, the world's largest watering can!

Anything grows in Victoria

Around the corner were some palm trees to demonstrate that Victoria's climate is so mild it can grow anything!

VIctoria seaside

And we caught this beautiful view of the sea when exiting the park and nearing our ship.

Horses other end

And here is the other end of the happy horses who pulled the trolley.

Dad with Horses

And my Dad wanted to thank them personally.

Bay Bridge from Princess Dawn

All too soon, we were back viewing the Bay Bridge.

Waiting for our number to be up

And were waiting for our number to be called to leave the ship in San Francisco. My Dad's first question upon disembarking? "Where are we going to next? I want to take another cruise soon!"

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