Saturday, September 15, 2007

La Boulange

French charm.
La Boulange has been open long enough in Mill Valley to have garnered quite a following. As it is a BAKERY, I have been avoiding it as I suspected its wares might prove too tempting. But hey, if you are going to blow your low-carb diet, don't do it with Wonder Bread, but something worth the sidetrack. And besides, I blew past the 2.4 lbs gained on the cruise, relosing it quickly, and added some more for a new total of 12.6 lbs down from beginning point. In fact the on-line program told me I was losing weight too fast. Now that's a problem I've always wanted to have!

Cup of French Onion Soup

So I was tempted first by the French Onion Soup, and I was surprised that they add a couple pieces of delicious whole wheat bread with it, and an entire condiment corner, which besides the standard butter, jam and honey also has Nutella! My cup came in an actual cup. I wouldn't have had a sandwich had I known about the extra bread, so I only tried a corner of the bread so I could report that it tastes delicious.

Ham & Cheese Baguette

I had a ham and cheese baguette as well, and it was wonderful. The interior of the shop is so well decorated in a French Patisserie style, even having little black chalkboards in front of the selections with their names. The prices were exceptionally reasonable too. La Boulange is open 7 - 7 and serves breakfast! If you haven't tried it yet, don't miss it - maybe I'll see you there with one of their open faced sandwiches next!

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