Friday, September 21, 2007

Avatar's Side Awning

Colorful meal. Like the host of your dreams, Ashok makes you feel pampered and special. Who needs a menu at Avatar's? "What kind of food do you feel like today?", he asks. "Something colorful", I reply. "Ah, then you want the blackened chicken or beef over basmati rice,", he says. I confirm the chicken and a rose lassi, and sit back to enjoy another meal. I reviewed Avatar's in January and April.

Rose Lassi

Actually, I dream of these rose lassi's. Good thing that Avatar's is in the neighborhood where I work! Look at those pretty bubbles atop this smooth and sweet drink.

Blackened Chicken over basmati rice

The blackened chicken arrives, tender and perfectly seasoned with a cornicopia of crisply sauteed vegetables, and four condiments or pickles placed around the edge. Wow, not only a riot of color, but an explosion of taste in your mouth! This kitchen is continually creative, with amazing Indian fusion food available every day of week. It's highly recommendable if you like Indian food and want a little twist on it. Avatar's is also very veggie friendly, and other diet friendly too according to a sign in their window welcoming your diet adjustments such as low-fat or low-carb.


Paola Westbeek said...

Yum! That looks like something I want to have a sip of right now! Lovely photo!


Esther Westwood said...

O' my goodness, what is a rose lassi, i love mango lassis, i just have to know! your blog is super sweet :)

Anna Haight said...


I found a place where there is some background on using roses in Indian cooking, and a recipe for rose lassi: