Saturday, January 20, 2007


Ethnic Confusion.
AKA Marindian, or in other words, Avatar's. I have been here a few times, but not recently. Paul and I wanted to have a quick but good lunch, and this place came to mind. It was really delightful. Ashok was a most charming and attentive host, and everything was fabulous. Cultures are quite blended here, Marin taste sensibility with the best of Indian cooking. Hmm... another for ""? Although more in spirit than likely much of the goods.

Rose Petal Lassi and Samosa Plate

I had a rose petal lassi (yum!) and Paul and I shared a Samosa Plate appetizer.

Trio of Biriyani

I had a "Trio of Biriyani". What a blend of tastes! Ground lamb, tofu & vegetables and chicken tenders over basmati rice.

Yoghurt soaked chicken

Paul had chicken marinated in yoghurt, and pronounced it quite delicious.

Avatar's Dream

We couldn't resist trying out the ONLY dessert on the menu - Avatar's Dream. Wow, ice cream pie never tasted so good!


Y | O | Y said...

Good Morning Anna!

Thanks for stopping by. I've been checking on you, just haven't left a comment lately. :)

Glad to hear that the meds are beneficial to your dad. My mom has tried them but couldn't tolerate them...they made her spacier than ever.

Since my mom was in the hospital 2 weeks ago, she has really been out of it. But it could just be part of the pattern where next week she'll be much better. The disease is hard to predict.

Confessions of a Freelancer said...

Your Blog is absolutely D-licious!

I just looove Asian Cooking.