Sunday, January 28, 2007

ZAP 2007

Viva Zinfandel!
Yesterday I enjoyed attending the 2007 Zinfandel Festival at Fort Mason in San Francisco.
ZAP 2007

I was lucky enough to attend with a trade member, so got in before the crowds were unnavigable. There was no way to even taste a reasonable sampling of the show, so I just ambled along enjoying randomly. Zinfandel is considered the wine and vine of America, although the origins are from Croatia originally. I enjoyed my old favorite, Ridge Vineyards various offerings. Someone standing behind me in line said that Ridge's Lytton Springs old vine zinfandels are the standard against which all other old vines zins are compared. One can never go wrong with a Ridge wine.

The new taste I enjoyed most at the show was a 2004 Zinfandel from Rombauer Vineyards. I am not facile with wine tasting descriptions, I just know what I like, and this one I would add to my collection.

I put all the tastes I tried from the show into the slide show above... There were two huge buildings filled with rows of wineries -- wow! It was a treat to go, and I would recommend the show as a wonderful way to educate your wine buds and an unparalleled opportunity to compare so many zinfandel wines side by side to find out what your individual tastes are.

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