Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pacific Catch

Catching Fish in Corte Madera.
Dad and I enjoyed lunch today at Pacific Catch, a restaurant in the Town Center Mall in Corte Madera that opened a year ago September. We were greeted promptly, and since it was a busy lunch our name went on a list for a 10 minute wait. The 10 minutes was actually 5, and we were quickly shown to a comfortable booth.


They started us off with a little treat of fish pretzels and edamame beans. The menu was quite pan-Asian with California influences.

Fresh Salmon Teriyaki Bowl

I chose to have their fresh Salmon Teriyaki Bowl. The salmon was on a bed of pineapple rice, and surrounded by grilled bok choy and asparagus. The rice also had marinated shitake mushrooms in it as well. It was quite good!

Fresh Tilapia Fish & Chips

Dad wanted to have something more tried and true, so he went with the fish and chips, made with the fish of the day, tilapia. He said he'd try the sweet potato fries next time, opting for regular fries for his chips. The place got my Dad's seal of approval -- he wants to come back. I agree, definitely a keeper.

UPDATE: On Saturday I visited the sister restaurant in the San Francisco Marina district with a friend. The experience was completely different. Tiny, crowded, noisy, poor/rude service, mistaken order.. no cute appetizer to start. When my crab salad wasabi bowl finally arrived correctly after sending back the unordered surprise, the crab was good, but the sushi rice was simply horrid mush. Definitely skip the one in the Marina district and head on over to Marin.

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