Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fish & Chips

Quick Fish in Sausalito.
Needing food fast today, I tried a little Fish & Chips (& Ice Cream) place on Bridgeway in Sausalito - Lappert's Ice Cream. It's actually hard to decipher what the name of the place is supposed to be as it has several signs, none of which are more prominent than the other, but the Ice Cream sign has a logo... so if anyone knows the 'real' name, please let me know!

Fish & Chips Interior

It is fun and quirky inside, and the outside advertised Fish & Chips on Wednesday for $2.79.

99 cent Fish & Chips

But I was too early! The Fish & Chips special starts at 3 p.m. and runs until closing. The sign inside showed that in yesteryear, the special was 99 cents on Wednesdays! Must have been around when the restaurant noted it started - 1966. This place is bustling with tourists in the summer which is why I hadn't tried their Icelandic Cod Fish & Chips before. They offer a simple menu - hamburgers, fish & chips, fried prawns or calamari.

Icelandic Cod Fish & Chips

The Icelandic Cod Fish & Chips came out crisp on the outside, and moist on the inside. Although it was a bit greasy and I took off the outside coating of the second piece. The cabbage was not overdressed and quite crisp with fresh naturally sweet cabbage. I couldn't finish my meal, so the ice cream was not on the buy list today, I'll have to go back and try that "Hawaiian" Ice Cream another time.

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Anonymous said...

There are three places in Sausalito that is owned by the Lappert's, The Fish and Chip (where you ate), Hamburgers, and Lapperts Ice Cream. Don't get ice cream at the fish and chip, rather go down the street a bit and get ice cream at Lappert's ice cream, more vaiety. go towards the evening when it's less busy.