Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Greenmax 100

Enjoying home time. Today we started out with a new taste treat, the Greenmax 100 with Pal Ku Grain cereal. Another Greenmax Product- Yam & Multigrains was reviewed earlier on this blog, and comparing the two this one is sweet while the other was savory. This one has a smoother consistency while the other had distinguishable bits of grain. Dad enjoyed this one a lot. I liked it, but actually prefer the savory flavor to wake up to. It has an impressive ingredient list:

"Rye, purple yam, pumpkin seed, red unpolished rice, Pasture, grape seed, ginseng, pear barley, snow lotus, pearl, green unpolished rice, spinach, blueberry, wheat green, red flat bean, rape seed, wild rice, burdock, green lily flower, oat, black bean, pearl rice, osmanthus, black sesame, lotus root, astragalus henryl, red berry, seaweed, bitter melon, lily bulb, green tea, red pearl barley, black fungus, ginkgo nut, cranberry, chrysanthemum, laver, apple chip, red berry, buckwheat, and glucose. Additives: Soy lecithin, vita yeast powder, Chinese caterpillar fungus, calcium lactate, etc"

I personally like the 'etc' as it seems like anything that anyone ever considered healthy is ground up in this mix. It states on the package it's for keeping "energetic and healthy" - who could argue with that?

Woodland Dinner

Dinner from Woodlands Market: Romaine with Blue Cheese Dressing and Spicy Walnuts, followed by Chicken Spinach Cannelloni. This made a nice meal shared between myself and Dad. Woodlands Market has a variety of fresh well-made foods that you can take home and enjoy. I like stopping in Kentfield to shop here when I'm passing through. And we were passing through on the way back from my Dad's meeting with doctors about the conclusions from a month of tests: Alzheimer's. Luckily, there is a great new drug for this - Aricept. But whatever the treatment, it is a hard diagnosis to hear. But at least we have a conclusion, and we enjoyed our dinner at home thoroughly.


cookiecrumb said...

I'm sending you hugs. You sound like a very brave lady, but this won't be easy. All the best to you. I'll be checking in.

Anna Haight said...

Thanks much- I need them!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Anna-
Sending love and good wishes to you and your Dad. My Dad and my mother-in-law both had Alzheimer's. So glad you two share such lovely outings together and that you post them for all of us to enjoy!
All the best,