Friday, January 05, 2007


Found another intriguing fruit, this time at Whole Foods, and taking the advice of the produce manager, took a few home. Heat shaped with dragon-like scales, it seems quite a romantic fruit. There are several varieties of cherimoya, and this one appears to be the one called "Chaffey". The interior is quite seedy, but the seeds are big and easy to remove. The flesh has the consistency of a melon, but the flavor mixture of banana, strawberry and vanilla. Although it seems rare, exotic and new, it is actually an ancient fruit, and one of the first recorded from the New World.

On another note, I'm continuing to find out about Medicare and caring for the aging as I walk the walk with my 86 yo Dad. The latest is that he's developed a hairline fracture between his pelvis and spine due to osteoporosis, and I'm now understanding that walkers are also needed for the aging even if they have good balance because if their bones are weak, they could break for no reason and then the person will take a tumble (without a walker to grab) and break even more. Also, if there is a recommendation for equipment, always follow up with a request for a script for it from the physician as it then has a greater chance of being covered under Medicare. I feel a bit like a mother of a newborn since he seems more delicate now, not to mention being awakened suddenly in the middle of the night for 'emergencies' (which aren't really, but he needs help with something he can't get out of his mind). Feeling sleep deprived and eyes opened about what caring for the aging entails.


Gavin said...

Cherimoyas are yummy. I always thought they tasted like vanilla pudding.

Good luck with your Dad. I'm not sure what insurance he has besides Medicare (if any) Mom maintains a policy from where she used to work. They just added an option that includes Medicare Part D for scripts and her premiums WENT DOWN $300 PER MONTH!!! And we kept the same doctors and everything.

Catherine said...

Wow, these are exotic! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try them.

Anna Haight said...

Hi Gavin - Dad has A&B plus a supplement from his former employment. He bought Part D last year as well. Dad has had NO prescription medicines on a regular basis until last week, so it's a good thing he opted for Part D.

Catherine - you're welcome, and they are quite interesting and good tasting!