Friday, January 12, 2007


Latin Flair in Sonoma.
I lunched in Sonoma at Maya after having my hair trimmed. I was greeted promptly, and it was so cold out I think it discouraged people as it was after noon, and there was only one party eating and chatting when I arrived.


I decided to try the Pastellas, a buttermilk flaky roll which was stuffed with fish, and served over a very nice black bean, garlic, zucchini and colorful bell pepper saute. It had some kind of cilantro based sauce on it as well. The appetizer took forever to come, and the waiter apologized profusely. When it came, the bottoms were burnt (you could even smell it when it came), and I pointed it out. I pulled out the shrimp stuffing, and tasted the top of the rolls. The waiter went to confer with the manager, and the solution was 25% off (-$2.24). Personally I thought that rather lame since it was obviously extremely late and then very burnt on the bottom. But I could tell this dish would taste great if correctly prepared.

Maya Tostada

I sampled a Maya tostada salad next, it was inventive delight. Imagine a greek salad over Latin spiced stewed chicken and onions and black beans. It was quite fresh and crisp, and they added some sour cream in ribbons over the top rather than giving me a too big bowl of it on the side. Nice touch. Obviously too big for me to finish, but it was really good! I've been to Maya many times before, and its such a mixed bag of experiences, it prevents me from going more often. The food is quite inventive and it is a bright and cheerful atmosphere though.

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