Tuesday, January 02, 2007

R'Noh Thai

Thai in Larkspur.
I'd heard that one of the former owners of Thep Lela had opened a new place in Larkspur and that it was fabulous, but although it's been some time, hadn't made it there yet. So on the way to brunch, when Dad mentioned he'd rather have Thai, it was the perfect opportunity to stop at R'Noh Thai. R'Noh means "Rising Sun", and it is in a small mall in Larkspur. It looks like there is no parking, but if you drive into the driveway you can find a hidden parking lot in the back.

R'Noh Thai Interior

The interior is warm, peaceful and inviting. And the greetings are prompt and service quiet and unobtrusive.

Thai Rolls

Dad started with the Thai Rolls, which he said were hot, crisp and delicious.

Thai Fresh Rolls

I tried the Thai Fresh Rolls, which were crisp and fresh, like a little handful of salad, neatly wrapped.

Pumpkin Curry

Dad chose one of the day's specials, Pumpkin Curry. It looked really delicious from my side of the table. Dad said it was perfectly spiced and tasted like everything was field ripened and prepared at its peak.

Bamee Chicken

I was tempted by the Bamee Chicken, and was careful to pronounce it correctly. At another Thai restaurant, it was off-menu, and I asked if they could make "Bambi Chicken" which elicited giggles from the elegantly coiffed and dressed waitress at the time. It's a favorite of mine, simple, and if done correctly the chicken is infused with subtle flavors. R'Noh Thai's was a fabulous rendition. R'Noh Thai is definitely a place I'll revisit.


Catherine said...

I've driven by so many times and wondered. The salad rolls look great and I love the idea of pumpkin.

Anna Haight said...

It's nice that they offer most menu items in the style of everything is vegetarian, but you can "add" several choices of tofu, meat and seafood. I was stopped by my perception of lack of parking, however they have quite a bit in the hidden area behind the buildings.

Sigrid said...

I LOVE this place and miss it dearly. Used to live in MV...don't think I'll ever find Thai food this good again. The eggplant dish was my favorite, but it is all good. And they are so nice and welcoming here. On a nice summer day the patio is perfect - quiet, restful, good view. I'll be back next time I'm in town.