Thursday, January 18, 2007


Preview Party.
I received a little note in my e-mail from the owners of one of my favorite sushi places, Akira, which had the subject line:

Subject: Sushi 69 in San Anselmo is almost ready!

It was an invitation to a Preview Party for their new San Anselmo restaurant for their long time customers. I've been a fan of Akira's since I first happened upon it, and have been quite a regular over the years because of the inventive and fresh food and happy and welcoming atmosphere.


Hiro Makino, owner and chef, and his lovely wife Hiroko have opened a dream location. The inside of the former "Yahiro" has been completely transformed into an elegant and clean decor with beige padded booths which invite romantic moments.


Hiroko greeted the many friends welcomed to celebrate the new place, inviting us to serve ourselves a drink.


When it looked like all had a drink in hand, we all raised our glasses in a compai and good luck to the new iteration of sushi in San Anselmo. There were SO many friends of the Makinos there, that it was difficult to maneuver and get good angles for photos.

Sashimi boat

As for the next treats, an array of appetizers were brought out, both sashimi/sushi and hot cooked food. The first to come out was the magnificent sashimi boat.

Sushi Rolls

There was a vast array of rolled sushi filling half of the long sushi counter.


There were rows of nigiri on the other end of the counter.

Pork and spring rolls

Around the corner, in one of the more intimate booths were plates of baked pork and spring rolls.

Edamame kaarage

In the next booth, there was edamame, kaarage, and salad ready for choosing. I also enjoyed meeting a friend from Yelp, K. and his daughter Sarah. He sat at our table, and then we discovered the connection - the first time having met in person. He makes fabulous reviews on Yelp, and has fine taste. I told him about my experience making tofu, and he gave me a new tip about what makes the tofu taste naturally sweet - calcium. The trick is finding the right water.


And in the booth next to me, the youngest sushi eater, Riley. It was a fabulous event and the restaurant is looking like a great new addition to Marin's fine food choices. Opens to the public for dinner today.

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