Friday, January 19, 2007

Anna at 17

I'm it!
Now I've got to do my part, then tag four others! Cookiecrumb, over at I'm Mad and I Eat, tagged me for the "Five Things Most People Don't Know About Me" meme.


1-When I was 7 or 8 years old I fell in love with everything France, and checked out a French/English/French dictionary from the library, and earnestly tried to teach myself French. A dear neighbor heard of my fascination and invited me to dinner when he had a Frenchman who was visiting his company over at his family's. It was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me! My dream of going there was finally fulfilled when I lived in Paris as a student in college.

2-When I was 17 and a student in Japan, I fell completely in love with a classmate who was and still is an artist. I nearly never returned home to the U.S.!

3-In my early 30's I fell in love with a Dutchman who grew up in Belgium, and was glad that I had persisted in learning French so that I could understand the sweet nothings being whispered in my ear in romantic Brussels! I nearly moved there too.

4-I dreamed of attending Julliard's and studied music - learning Madam Butterfly in both Italian and Japanese to make my recording that is part of the application. Didn't go there, but continued studying music, getting an A.A.S. in Music and then changing (another story) my major as a senior (graduating in International Relations) .

5-A couple years ago I flew 13 of my friends as a co-pilot over the Serengeti and to Arusha, Tanzania, as the charter pilot thought my student pilot hours were sufficient to take the controls for most of the flight! I got very nervous flying near an active volcano though and asked him to take back the controls!


Bonus revelation
- I'm quite an idealist, and besides volunteering with Global Partners for Development (which is how I ended up in the Serengeti), I also lobby on global hunger and poverty issues with RESULTS, including a stint speaking truth to power at a meeting with World Bank officials a few years ago.

Whew. Now it's my turn to tag, and I choose Catherine, Kalyn, Sra, and Y|O|Y. Last one to post is a rotten egg!

BTW-I'm excited to be going on Sunday to the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco -- sure I'll have some food for blog to post from that next week!


cookiecrumb said...

Um, Anna... Overachiever??!!
Wow. Fascinating CV.

Catherine said...

geez...I feel so dull in comparison. I'll have to muse on this for a few days!

sra said...

Anna, thank you. I have to labour over this meme to make myself at least half as exciting as you! I already feel pale and dull in comparison!

Anna Haight said...

Ok, a little chirpy but I like to see the glass as half full. You oughta see my half-empty version... the neutral one is just plain boring.