Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter Fancy Foods Show SF: A biased report. How could it not be with 80,000 food products on display from 1,100 exhibiting companies and just a few short hours? So this is a taste of my experience of a few short hours wandering around and sampling. Fellow bay area bloggers' Becks & Posh and Bunrab have written about their experiences there as well. I didn't bring a camera as the materials stated only credentialed press could take photos. But I have a new flatbed scanner, and I picked up materials!

My favorite taste of the day was of White Truffle Cream from Italy, scanned image above. It was an amazing taste! It had a sharp earthiness that resembled garlic, but garlic is not one of the ingredients. It's basically pure cream and truffles. It would make a great flavoring for risotto, perhaps, as my chef friend suggested - one that included scallops and champagne. ohh - decadent! A gentleman from PanExotic is the local contact and this company will also sell this product as a retailer.

Then there was the kind young man from Lykovouno who taught me to be an olive oil connoisseur. And now I've tasted #4 of Food & Wine's 100 tastes to try in 2007, although I'm sure I've had Greek olive oil before.

I have to close with a fun one. Monkey Treats by Emma's Edibles. You eat the Monkey face, filled with real frozen fruit, and the stick underneath reveals a plastic replica of the monkey face you just ate. So fun for kids!

I intended to return this afternoon for more, but alas, I've come down with a cold and am not up to par. I tasted a lot more yesterday, but I'll save some of the goodies for future posts so as to not make this too long.


rachel said...

The White Truffle Cream sound yummy! Not that I know what truffles taste like but they are supposed to be good and cream makes everything better.

So what did you think of the Greek Olive? Did you notice a difference? I posted about it and I can never tell when I'm cooking with it.

Anna Haight said...

I really enjoyed the post you made. No, with nothing there to compare it to, I couldn't say I noticed a difference. What I noticed was what the vendor told me to - the peppery aftertaste in the back of the throat. That's the way to know that it's still fresh and that there are plenty of active antioxidants.