Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sushi Ko

Elegant lunch.
Dad & I stopped by for lunch at Sushi Ko in Larkspur Landing. I've been here for dinner, but this was the first lunch visit. We were greeted warmly, and given our choice of tables. The menu was quite extensive for lunch so we took a little time to decide.

Miso and Green Tea

We started out with a cup of piping hot green tea and delicious freshly made miso soup.

Yakitori Don

Dad decided to try the "chicken on a stick" - Yakitori Don. It has some crisp takuwan lining the pretty lacquer box, and he enjoyed it.

Daily Lunch Special

I ventured to try their daily lunch special, which was a combination of teriyaki salmon, chicken katsu, gyoza, cabbage salad, steamed broccoli, the requisite dipping sauces and a bowl of rice. The rice was remarkable, the rest was very tasty too. I asked what kind of rice was used, and the reply from the kitchen was Tamanishiki. The very same brand in my pantry.

Ginger Ice Cream

I think Dad misses having ice cream as its something I just don't think to keep on hand, and requested dessert. He asked for ginger ice cream, and really enjoyed it.

Angel Cake

I tried a few bites of an "angel" cake, which was a rich, dense chocolate cake with some chocolate truffle inside. It was delicious, but very rich. Sushi ko really takes care with the details, whether for their inexpensive lunches or their full dinners. The rice was supreme, and they also paid attention to the chop stick detail offering chiseled wooden ones that were rounded and quite elegant, with only a slight joining at the top to break. Very low danger of splinters, and they were just to elegant to toss, so I spirited my used ones away in my purse. Will definitely remember that they serve great lunches as well as dinners.

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