Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Noodles

Setting the stage for the New Year.
I had a very fusion day today. Jo-Ann reminded me of a number of Japanese customs associated with New Year's Day ... like not sweeping the floor today so as not to sweep good luck out the door... and to remember that you're setting the pattern for the year ahead in what activities you choose to do today. Although it was really hard NOT to sweep the floor, or use my iRobot on the carpets, I refrained. Missing making soba noodles for New Year's Eve to insure a long and healthy life, I fused the tradition and used fresh Chinese noodles in my fridge to make the veggie/miso based soup for lunch above.

Fire in my Fireplace

I thought I'd like to enjoy more tea this year, so Dad & I sipped various teas all day, also more warm and inviting fires in the fireplace would be nice (photo above), hmm... and hot salt and herb baths, so I took one in Dead Sea Salts and Melissa essence - sorry guys - no photos ;-), more walking so I ventured out into the fog - it felt so mysterious! Might I have a sense of wonder and gratitude throughout the year as well. I made calls to various friends to insure being in touch, but was careful not to 'stress out' on trying to call EVERYONE, a representative sample for the whole should be enough to set the stage!

Black eyed Peas

I had to be sure we were covered for luck on my mother's southern side too -- it is requisite to eat black-eyed peas in one form or another on the first day of the year to insure good luck for the New Year. Apparently, the peas resemble coins and bring prosperity. That is always welcome!

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