Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tracy Arm

Tracy Arm Champagne Brunch.
Dad & I were honored with a treat from the Executive Chef, Joseph Strummer and his wife La Tin of a full champagne brunch in our stateroom the morning of the venture into Tracy Arm to see the glacier and wild life along the fjord. I snapped the above view as we were making our way out of the fjord. The unfortunate thing was that the icebergs were so thick, unusually so, that we could not go far enough in to see the glacier. A disappointment, but better than hitting an iceberg and ending up like the Titanic!

"Wild Life"

I did see some 'wild life' on the top deck and snapped a photo quickly. They were so cute in their 'fur' coats, I just couldn't resist.

Josef Strummer, Executive Chef

The day before we landed back in San Francisco, I attended a cooking demonstration led by Josef, who is shown in his hat and with awards around his neck. He's a much decorated chef, and it shows in the excellent food which unfailingly was served at our table.


Now the champagne brunch - room service knocked on our door with no less than THREE trays laden with food. The first one had coffee, orange juice and a full bottle of champagne!

Champagne Brunch Covered

You can see the daunting eating task before us! And I didn't take a photo of the matching tray on the bed behind me!

Alaskan King Crab, Quiche Lorraine, Baked Tomato

First up we each got the above plate of Alaskan King Crab Legs, Quiche Lorraine, Baked Tomato with Herbed Cheese, Beet and Green Salads. This alone would have been enough!


Next we each tucked into our fresh plate of loks.

Lobster Rolls

We believed the lobster rolls were to go with the loks. One each.

Breakfast breads

Then we shared the plate of breakfast breads... we couldn't finish this one, as delicious as these were. Not pictured is the lovely medley of fresh jams and marmalades which accompanied this plate.

Fruit Plate

And well over the top was the fabulous fruit plate, one entire plate for each of us! I also have to mention that all the fruit on the cruise was served at its peak freshness and flavorful ripeness. I was impressed. I often ordered a fruit plate as either my appetizer or dessert on this cruise since it was unfailingly perfect. This fabulous champagne breakfast treat went a long way in making up for the disappointment of not seeing the glacier.

PS. And can you believe that I only gained 2.4 lbs on this 11 day eating extravaganza!


Kalyn Denny said...

Anna, it sounds like you had such a wonderful time. What a great memory of this time with your dad. (And I am impressed you only gained 2.4 pounds. I've only been on one cruise, but I do remember the food was overly abundant.)

Bob said...

Wow, what a feast. That 2.4 pounds? Probably water retention. LOL.

Elle said...

oseyrbdAnna. I've read back through the posts about your trip and it sounds quite wonderful! The train trip, whale watching trip, cute otters, great scenery, fantastic food...and that Champagne! Nest weekend is the only one available until mid-October to meet. Still want to do Marshall area?