Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thep Lela Thai

Thai Restaurant Update.
Marin is fortunate to have a large number of very good Thai restaurants. I've been very happy to discover that most of our Thai choices in Marin are consistently inventive, and delicious! I last summarized a list of reviews on September 13, 2007. Links to my reviews or other information about the restaurants appears organized by city below.

Thai Restaurants I've discovered

Corte Madera
Tub Tim Thai

R'Noh Thai
Tha Siam

Mill Valley

Thep Lela

Cafe Bankok
Chao Praya

Arawan Thai Cuisine
Kitti's Place
Thai Terrace

Orchid Thai

San Anselmo
Lanna Thai Restaurant
Orchid Thai


San Rafael

Bay Thai Cuisine
Citrus & Spice
Jhan Tong
Magnolia Thai Cuisine
My Thai
Royal Thai Restaurant
Signature Thai
Thai Smile

Thai Restaurants I've yet to try

Cafe Lotus
Siam Lotus

San Rafael
Bankok Thai Express
Thai House

Other Greater Bay Area Thai places I've reviewed

San Francisco
Be My Guest

Rin Thai

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Valentina said...

I am a big fan of thai food. How lucky of you to have such a selection close to home.htere are 3 in the town where I live but only one is really oustanding. Having said that I feel that their standards have declined over the 5 years when I have been visiting it.