Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jhan Thong

Shock! Headline: Good food at mall. Yes, Jhan Thong delivered great food at a very reasonable price! It is located in San Rafael's Northgate Mall. I had brought my father the the cinemas down the hall for a movie, and wanted to catch a quick bite. Noisy, bright and unattractive surroundings, yes, but it's great to have great taste as an option when you are there anyway.

Spring rolls and Vegetarian Rice Noodle Curry Soup

My Dad opted for MickeyDs, wanting a hamburger. I guess after going veggie with me he craved some red meat. Mark up one advantage for a food court, all can have what they please. I took the advice of the man behind the counter at Jhan Thong for the best vegetarian dish. Vegetarian spring rolls, and a curry rice noodle soup (#10). Wow. I might even come back to Jhan Thong for this with no other reason to come to the mall. Smooth with complex tastes, it is a real winner. The spring rolls were good too.

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tigerfish said...

have not been to San Rafael in my few years in NorCal. I have been missing out a lot of good food. :)

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