Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tofu Cilantro Salad 6

Cilantro Tofu Salad.
It is another Hodo Soy Beanery San Rafael Farmer's Market find. I was curious about the black tofu -- was it flavored with black sesame seed or the like? Actually, it is made with black soy beans! When you do some research, it is easy to find how it is reputed to help diabetes, make weight loss easier, and reduce cholesterol. The person who sold it to me, when asked the difference, said that some people find that the black version tastes creamier too. This cilantro tofu salad also has no added sweeteners and tastes wonderful too!


Bri said...

What a cool find, indeed. I should make a point to look for it next time I'm in San Rafael. If nothing else, it's a fun color contrast to the usual white tofu. Did it taste different to you at all?

Anna Haight said...

It tasted a little bit creamier, but maybe it was the power of suggestion from the purveyor. It was hard to distinguish a difference other than the color and these extra health benefits I uncovered.