Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mezzo Mezzo

Sicilian, tucked around a corner.
My friends Jo-Ann & Michael met me for dinner the other night at Mezzo Mezzo, a place that is a little out of the way in downtown San Rafael, but it would be a shame to overlook. It was actually a birthday dinner for me that we decided to do after all the holiday hecticness was over, and it was perfect!


Eagle-eyed Jo-Ann spotted an anniversary special on their website, so the lovely Antipasto Mezzo Mezzo was complimentary. It was a nice start to the meal, and recommendable whether gifted or not, however, the special lasts through January 31st on Sunday through Thursday nights. I particularly liked the crispy coated eggplant slices on the plate.

Clams Spaghetti

Jo-Ann & I chose the same dish, the spaghetti with clams. A very nicely executed dish with fresh clams. Mine was perfect in every respect, although Jo-Ann's clams had some grittiness in the clams. Those clams just like eating sand sometimes, and the manager was quick to offer complimentary dessert to make up for the problem. Problems crop up at every restaurant and it makes all the difference how it is handled. This place had superb service and gets high marks for taking care of any issues promptly.


Michael ordered a special swordfish dish that was plated and presented beautifully with capers and other sauteed vegetables floating on the top. He was very happy indeed with his dish.

Simmered fruits dessert

I don't remember the name of the dessert both Michael and Jo-Ann ordered, but I had a taste, and it was heavenly. It consisted of some fresh strawberry slices simmered in Meyer lemon, blood orange and wine sauce with some ice cream. I'll order it next time if it is on the menu!

Limoncello tart

I fell for the limoncello tart. Wow! It was wonderful and definitely on the reorder list as well. And it was beautifully presented with some blackberries and chocolate powder dusted plate. Did I like this place, well, let's say it's already on my favorites list!

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Elle said...

Happy Birthday Anna, a little late. This meal sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a new year!