Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Zaru tofu tatsoi and egg skillet

Fresh leftovers. The day after I made the fresh tofu and tatsoi treat, I woke up and made small iron skillets of less than 24 hr old tofu with mushrooms and tatsoi saute with egg. I enjoy making these individual egg treats and putting the hot fry pan on a wooden trivet for a nice breakfast presentation. I just started the leftovers frying then poured two beaten eggs on top. I finished these in the oven.

Close up

It was a great high-protein breakfast with eggs that fluffed up in these heat-retaining iron pans. I loved that everything was used at its most healthful and delicious peak!


Kalyn said...

Yumm! This looks delicious.

Greg said...

I have not had lunch yet and that looks so good!Sorry if I drool ;)

Anna Haight said...

Glad the photos seem to do it justice!

Catherine said...