Friday, January 04, 2008

Oedo Grill

Japanese at the Mall. There's a bright clean place at Northgate Mall in San Rafael which proclaims "Freshly Cooked Right Before Your Eyes", and it's true! At Oedo Grill the grill is right up front, and you can watch your meal be deftly grilled as you wait.

Cooking on the grill

I ordered the chicken and shrimp yakisoba, and I stuck around and watched it sizzling and being tossed to cook on the grill.

Chicken and Shrimp Yakisoba

The result was fresh and tasted good, however as it is supposed to be Japanese yakisoba I have to say it was not like any Japanese yakisoba I've ever eaten. The noodles were softer, and had more a Chinese lo mein flavor, rather than the slightly thinner and more resistant to the bite Japanese type. The sauce was also quite light and sweet, rather than the darker more soy and plumish flavored Japanese yakisoba sauce. A nice choice for a light, quick and inexpensive bite as long as you are not looking for authenticity.

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