Thursday, August 09, 2007

Magnolia Thai

Unexpected jewel.
On the way back from one of Dad's appointments we passed by a strip mall and noticed a Thai restaurant tucked away inside. So we took a chance on Magnolia Thai Cuisine.


Entering the restaurant we were amazed at how much care had been put into beautiful surroundings. There were art pieces tastefully placed throughout the space, and it had an air of a place where there was care put into the surroundings as well as the food.


We ordered from the friendly waiter, and first out was a fresh and petite salad with a smooth dressing.

Pad Pak Ruan Mit

Dad enjoyed Pad Pak Ruam Mit, fresh mixed vegetables with pork. He said it was light and had a nice flavor. There was a choice of meats, and rice. Dad followed my lead in ordering brown rice (first carb on the diet - allowed).

Kang Tang Thong

I enjoyed Kang Tang Thong, a spicy pumpkin curry with coconut milk and red curry sauce. The spicing was very subtle. The waiter mentioned that the owner makes a great deal of effort to get authentic fresh Thai spices and herbs, as well as Thai pumpkin. He assured me that it was not kabucha (Japanese pumpkin) which had a similar taste. He said the brown rice was from California because the supply from Thailand was very intermittent. The rice tasted very nutty and fresh. The restaurant also has a special promotion going with a "Passport" card. After ten meals, one is free! And there are extra things given for bringing guests. If you are on San Rafael's miracle mile, and have a taste for Thai food this is a place that you should not miss.


Anonymous said...

It looks like your Dad's meal is pictured twice. Just wanted to let you know. I love your blog!

Anna Haight said...

OMG! You are right. I'll fix that. Glad you like my blog!