Friday, August 03, 2007


Macadamias with punch. Snacmacs by Brookfarm in Australia are quite a cool find. These macadamias have been seasoned just right with bush spices, including lemon Myrtle.

Mauna Loa has been so successful in associating macadamias with Hawaii, that I had no idea that this nut is actually native to Australia and is the only Australian food produced and exported in quantity.

I also had quite a surprise about some other nuts in my pantry. Apparently Brazil nuts have the most natural radioactivity of all foods! Take a look a this site, and scroll down the page to "Food" for comparison with other common foods.


lizzy said...

Hey Anna!! How are you? I could,t find your Email adress, so i decided to add a comment here. Hope you,ll read this :-)
I recently mooved to Oslo with my boyfriend Arve (lived in trondheim for 8 years) I,m hoping to visit the Us next summer, and it would be really nice to see you again. Do send me a email

Best regards.
Lisbet Fredriksen

Anonymous said...

Love the macadamia nuts. Thanks for this suggestion for another kind. Yum!

Anna Haight said...

Hiya cousin! Good to hear from you and I wrote an e-mail to you!

Hi Anonymous -- I got these nuts at Woodland Market in Marin if you are nearby and looking for a source.

Vic Cherikoff said...

Hi Anna,

Yes, it is interesting that the Australian macadamia is better known in the US as the Hawaiian nut.

We are now fast catching up on developing a whole new segment of the Australian food industry focusing on indigenous species. Lemon myrtle is one popular species and Wattleseed another.

Hot on their heels are about 2 dozen other 'new' food from the world's oldest living culture - the Australian Aborigines. And many are now beginning to feature in US restaurants so lemon myrtle scented macadamias are only but the first step.