Thursday, August 30, 2007

Totem Park

New Archangel.
When Russia established its first permanent settlement at present day Sitka, it was named "New Archangel". Fitting name for such a beauty spot. The early settlers were fur trappers and traders who nearly decimated the local sea otter population. The last thing we visited there before heading back to the ship was Totem Square, which boasted not only an old beautiful totem pole, but a wonderful vista of the sea. The weather had been sunny and even hot the entire visit, until clouds started moving in as we reached the park. Our timing for the visit couldn't have been better. In the background of the photo stands the "Pioneer Home" a historic building. I learned that totem poles are generally not maintained as a representation of the forces of nature. When one becomes decrepit, sometimes a new copy is put in its place and left again to rot and decay.

Little Tokyo

The one thing I really missed on the ship was Asian food, in particular, Japanese food. So it should come as no surprise that the first opportunity we had for a meal on-shore I found a Japanese restaurant! Little Tokyo had rather marginal Japanese fare (I had to ask for soy sauce! and the tempura did not come with dipping sauce), but it was as close as we got on the trip. Instead of the bento boxes we ordered, we should have tried the sashimi, as Gluten Free Girl reported it to be superb.

True water

First we had some water, True water, bottled from glacier water in Sitka. Cold and refreshing, we practically drank our bottles to the bottom before our miso soup even arrived.


Then the miso soup came, rather nondescript, but soup nonetheless.

Bento box

The bento box had salad, tempura, California roll, salmon teriyaki and gyoza. Nice variety, but not very impressive in taste. I have to say that even though it wasn't so impressive, I was sure happy to have some Japanese food.

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